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    What does a Talisman do on RuneScape?

    I have found many Talismans of different sorts, but I have never used one of them. What do they do?

    What "rites of passage" are relevant to modern American teenagers?

    Most cultures provide their young adults a ceremony or introduction into the community. These may be physical (piercings, tattoos), spiritual ceremonies (sweat lodges, vision...

    what does it mean to have no aura?

    I was talking to someone who said they could see auras, and they said that when ever they see me I don't have one....

    If the Dalai Lama was to resign would he still be reincarnated?

    If the Violent actions of the Tibetan people does not stop the dalai lama has threatened to resign.As he is known to his people...

    do you think the santa story is about mushrooms?

    i read that the santa story is from pagan times when the shaman would go into the forrest and pick hallucinogenic mushrooms from under...