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Tarot: What does the death card in reverse position mean?

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  1. The Death card doesn’t represent actual death. It represents Change. I read runes, so my experience with the Tarot is limited, but I would imagine the reverse or opposite of Change would be Stasis. Stasis – things staying the same.

  2. There’s a lot of things it could mean. Tarot cards tend to answer a person on a personal level, so you should read into it while thinking about your own life.
    But traditionally it means the beginning of something natural. Maybe a new relationship or something; a lot of times it deals with usefulness

  3. What do you think? Tarot cards are paper and ink. Enjoy the pretty pictures but they don’t know anything and they couldn’t tell you if they did.
    You’re so gullible.

  4. People–both readers and querents alike–are often afraid when the Death card pops up. However, the more experience/knowledge the reader has they realize that the Death card doesn’t usually mean physical death. I say usually because I do know when this card is next to one or two certain other cards it can indicate physical death, but that is rare and most readers will never see this happen.
    The Death card reversed usually means–this is generic since I don’t know if you would like just what it means for finances, romance, etc.–the person might be trying to resist an inevitable change. The person could also be delaying or avoiding the end of something. By doing this they could be prolonging their pain. Also, it can indicate that a person might have fascination with death.
    This card often represents worry and distress and it’s usually concerning something that is considered bad or harmful by the querent. They could also feel as if something or someone is pestering or plaguing them.
    Concerning health, again, this doesn’t usually mean death, it usually can be an indicator of menopause, constipation, infectious diseases–primarily STDs–and also surgery. Getting too much sleep is also indicated by this card. I mention the health aspects because as you can see it’s far from the meaning of physical death and I wanted to show you that.
    Generic keywords can be stagnation, immobility, pessimism, depression. The end or the destruction of hopes, dreams, and/or plans. Keep in mind that the reversal of this card is usually more likely to be about a more pessimistic attitude or state of mind instead of something actually happening.
    I hope I’ve helped you. I do not allow people to email me, so I do not have my email available for people on here to email me.

  5. Death card reversed means that you are holding yourself back from maturity, or growing. You could find it difficult transitioning into the next phase of life. It could also mean that you are back from the dead, or have been resurrected in some sense. You could be feeling that someone is suffocating you to ‘death’.
    What were you asking when you drew the card really holds a lot of weight too, into how we would interpret the card. These are only traditional meanings, but it could mean something completely different depending on your situation.

  6. What if death reversed was the outcome in a celtic cross spread that was asking what the likelihood of my ex-boyfriend, who just disappeared because I told him that he could no longer use drugs in my home, could ever overcome his addiction?


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