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Tarot Reading help please? Golden Dawn Deck 10-card spread.?

My question/concern: Will court hearing with ex-spouse go in my favor?
All cards upright, no upside down cards.
1. Querant position: Princess of Pentacles
2. Subconscious mind: 5 of Swords
3. Subcon. mind: 5 of Cups
4. Conscious mind: The Lovers
5. Consc. mind: The Hermit
6. Past Position: 2 of Pentacles
7. Past Pos.: 8 of Wands
8. Outcome: King of Wands
9. Outcome: 7 of Cups
10. Outcome: 7 of Wands
Thank you for all help! 😀
Scarab, thank you for taking this seriously. 🙂
Intuitive Readings Dot Org, Thank you for additional insight. 😀
Pam, Thank you! 😀


  1. Oh the fun of reading for yourself 🙂
    I have but am not a big fan of the Wang Golden Dawn Deck and translated this to a 10 card Celtic Spread. I prefer the Thoth so please allow for a little variety in the process. It should still all look the same 🙂
    1. Assuming that you did not pick the querant I take that as an interesting card. It is one of my favorites. She is the last card of the deck and regenerates the whole world. She is also in pentacles and therefore the realm of Material and Manifestation. Not a bad thing in a court setting.
    2. Crossing is 5 of Swords. This to me represents the Marriage itself. It is Venus in Mars and just not a good spot. The Thoth title is Defeat. It can be easy to feel that way going into court.
    3. Sub concious. Again with the 5’s Mars in Scorpio. Again a bad placement. This is the disappoint of the marriage and your expectations from it that come to a head in the dissolution of the emotional assets.
    4. The past. Lovers. Well this one is sort of self explanatory.
    5. Concious. Hermit. He is the light bringer in the GD tradition or the Kerux. He is a time of rest and regrouping. It sounds like where you are now. The illusions of the past are falling away and now the realities are setting in.
    6. The future. 2 of Pents. Change. This is Jupiter (expansion) in Capricorn. This is you making those positive changes and moving on. It is ying and yang. Balance.
    7. This represents you in a deeper sense. The 8 of wands is Swiftness. It is Mercury in Sagittarius. It is moving quickly and pushing for resolution. It is very functional in this position.
    8. The environment. Knight of Wands. Oh the joys of court cards. He is fire of fire. Hot and firey and lots of piss and vinger. This has been extremely emotionally charged.
    9. Hopes and fears. 7 of cups. Debauch. This is Venus in scorpio and the waters (emotions) just drips and oozes. You are concerned at some level that you are not strong enough to go through with this and that he (on the horse) will run you over.
    10. Final Outcome. 7 of Wands. Valour. This is Leo in Mars and they are very happy together. This is the taming of all the fire and synchonizing of all of the processes.
    With that said I get the feeling from this spread that you are still really emotionally commited to this in some way. You may be hurt from the loss of the lovers status and not at all pleased by the Knight of wands. The finally outcome is exalted and very balanced. As long as you can keep your head together and focus you will be fine.
    Good luck I hope that helps.

  2. Instead of going card by card, I will just give you my general impression: It is not all bad. You are actually fearing defeat and are very unhappy with going to court. (hence the 5 of cups and 5 of swords). You are much more stable than him. Be sure to meditate before going, and at the hearing, communicate clearly to either your attorney or the judge.
    I feel that the outcome is so-so. Your ex is still angry and it will be a struggle. (The King of Wands (that’s him – angry), 7 of cups (confusion), 7 of wands (while you are in a position to win, it is still a struggle alone)). I think your ex still wants it to be a struggle. He doesn’t know exactly what he wants. You should be fine, though.
    Good luck.


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