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tarot readers…would you pay someone to read your cards and aura?

i have been reading cards for about 4 years but today i went to a tarot shop and the store keeper told me i needed a tarot and aura reading (she said she could sense it from my aura). half of me is very interested but a part of me thinks it is a waste of money because i already read cards and ive been very accurate with it. what should i expect when i go to get my reading done? will it be like reading for myself or will i really get superb insight that i would have missed on my own?
i meant to say, what should i expect. will it just be us sitting there drawing cards and her interpreting ( something i can do on my own) or will it be absolutely amazing, you think? this question is for tarot readers who have paid to have their cards reads.


  1. Answer: I have paid others to read for me, but the woman in that shop seems like she is only out for money. I would say that if you have been accurate for yourself, then you need to not give this woman your money.
    I only am willing to PAY for a reading when I feel that I need a reading, not when someone else TELLS me I need a reading. I have worked as a professional Tarot and palm reader in New Orleans before evacuating following Hurricane Katrina and I know that some people DO use high pressure tactics to gain readings. In my experience they are usually not as accurate as a reader who is genuinely not worried about if they get a reading and trust in the Divine to bring the readings to them.

  2. How well do you know the store keeper from this shop? How much is she charging for this service? It sounds like she’s just trying to sucker some more money out of you. If your reading have been accurate so far (as have mine) I don’t see what you could need done from an outside source.
    I’d do a reading to see what (if any) is up with your aura.
    Stuff like this is why I only let close friends do readings for me.

  3. First buy your own cards and read them
    It is up to you to experience what you need
    I have not paid for nothing nor have I ever charged
    How you feel about yourself now?
    1st Card: Strength
    Passion. The instinctual nature. Taming of primal energies. Making friends with one’s “animal” nature. Strong drives and emotions. One’s natural faculties are a source of strength.
    What you most want at this moment?
    2nd Card: The Chariot
    Triumph. Victory through focused effort. Success. Determination, wit and zeal win out over all opposition. Harness all faculties, in order to attain the desired goal.
    Your fears
    3rd Card: The Star
    Illumination. Healing. Beneficial influence. “Help from above.” Progress and positive change. A time to draw upon spiritual resources for healing, inspiration and guidance.
    What is going for you ?
    4th Card: The Fool
    Risk. New beginnings. Stepping outside one’s comfort zone. Vulnerability. Adventure. Momentous decision. Launching a new enterprise or relationship. Look before you leap!
    What is going against you ?
    5th Card: The Hierophant
    Hierarchy. Conventional chain-of-command. Authority figure who judges, as well as leads. Traditional religious leadership. Look within, rather than to external authority, for answers.
    6th Card: The High Priestess
    Intuition. Spiritual/occult knowledge. Psychic impressions. Significant dreams. Wise counsel. Guidance from a higher Source. Advice from an intuitive person.
    Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.
    Love & Blessings

  4. you actually believed this woman ?
    come on thats one of the oldest scams ever
    your aura is negative … you should have a reading
    babe I have been reading for years and what that lady said to you was just rude and unethical


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