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Tarot readers who use many decks?

I’m looking for Tarot readers who work regularly with more than one deck for deck reviews.
I’m a reader and collector as well as one who wants to get Tarot cleared of all it’s taboos.
I believe that knowledge and understanding of the cards can help tarot’s reputation.
I have a format that I would like used.
If you can help me out with a review- here is the format.
Tarot Seeker (your nom de net)
Deck Style (choose one): Marsalles – Rider-Waite – Thoth/Golden Dawn
Deck:Rating: 1-10
Own Book: Y/NRating: 1-10 or N/A
NOTE: This is NOT the LWB that is just a strip of paper- BUT I DO aknowledge the little deck sized books over 20 pages in a single language.
How long have you been using this deck?
This deck is best for:
Traditional Readings- Traditional spreads and book meanings
Intuitive Readings- Fully inspired by the cards and their symbols
Past Life Readings- Looking at Karma brought into this lifetime
Do you consider this deck a good deck for beginners?


  1. Something that needs to be understood when reading tarot, even if this doesn’t apply to you but to other readers, is that while one deck might work wonders for one, it just as well might be in the trash for another. Finding a deck should be spiritual, it should draw you into it and tell you that it’s the right one for you. Granted, the deck you’ve drawn might not always be the one for you, it’s better than taking words from another person because a deck works for them. Being able to read a deck easily and cearly, smooth interpretations- is another matter.
    And though there are some decks designed for specific subjects (example, the lovers tarot- which did me no good) doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. and it might for somebody else, who knows. Though I won’t lie when I say some decks are just generally more helpful than others. That being said, a lot of beginners have lucks with a traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, simple and easy to read but challenging enough to bring out skills.
    I mostly use a reliable deck of mine called Celtic Dragon, beautiful and bright but dark where it needs to be dark. I do a mixture of readings with these cards, they do best with traditional readings, and always have been accurate. (Yep, always.) I’ve had them for a few years, about five? The book could be better, it’s a little hard to follow, and not anywhere near as clear as it should be. But after you get a feel of them, they are easy to read, so the book isn’t really needed. A good deck for beginners? So-so, there are better decks out there, but this one isn’t bad!

  2. ZorbaZiv (
    I always have at least 4 different decks on the go at any one time.
    I like the Hanson Roberts deck, the Robin Wood Tarot and the Connolly Tarot Deck, because their imagery works well for my readings. I don’t like the darker cards like Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, but each to their own.
    In 25 years of professional readings I’ve never used any ‘meanings, spreads or reversals’ of tarot cards from any books.
    Here’s my ‘how-to’ of reading tarot cards with psychic perception in six simple steps.

  3. You should always choose what speaks to you. I use “Ship of Fools” but sometimes it’s too negative, but other times it’s just right. I use “World Spirit” but sometimes it’s too sexual in it’s imagery, and sometimes I use “Runic Tarot” though sometimes I don’t want something too unique, so I go with the “Hanson” deck for very traditional, or the “Haindl” if I want something a little more complex, but still traditional. I also sometimes use the “Crowley” but mostly for meditation, and not for readings for others.


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