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tarot readers, have you ever offered your readings on ebay? If so, what has been your experience with ebay?

what about dream analyst? same question
I have seen it offerred on ebay – as well as dream analysis. What are your thoughts on dream analysis through ebay?


  1. Its probably (hopefully) against ebays terms and conditions. If its allowed it will just be full of people trying to take advantage of people with emotional problems to make money.

  2. To do a proper reading the person it is for has to physically handle the cards to get there imprint on the cards.
    I am a Wiccan witch and have been for 28 years.

  3. I have read on ebay and quite successfully – the feedback was always good and if anyone was unsatisfied they would get a refund… I dont agree that that remote readings cannot be done.. I have never found that the case
    Not sure on dream stuff…
    Will prob get lots of thumbs down but I put a lot of time into it and I think it was value for money

  4. I offered psychic reading on ebay for many months and got really good feedback. I now work from my own website offering psychic email readings and also phone readings at: http://www.psychicreach.co.uk. I disagree that the person needs to be present to offer a good reading.
    I always request a photo and DOB as this helps me make the connection. I’ve never once had a complaint. In fact I have many testimonials from satisfied clients.
    Dream analysis. Dreams are very personal to you and I doubt whether anyone in the world could know what your dreams really meant other than yourself.

  5. Simon – No, it’s not. Take a few moments to browse through this section of eBay and you’ll find HUNDREDS of listings. Also, not everyone is out to make a buck from a ‘sap’.
    Wiccan W – this is an opinion and not a fact. I know hundreds of tarot readers who work exclusively online. SOME people are unable to do this however so please keep in mind that this is not a straight rule of thumb.
    I have tried selling a few readings on eBay and they didn’t go very well. I’m not going to drop my prices dramatically to make a buck, but on the other hand, the ones who are really making money are usually NOT doing real readings. So if you want to try eBay, you’ll have to start off cheap and build it up.


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