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Tarot question: When doing a reading, do you read upside-down cards as the reverse of their meaning?

When doing a reading, do you read any upside down cards on the spread as the reverse of what they mean, or do you simply flip them over and read them as their normal meaning? And why?


  1. I haven’t read tarot cards in a VERY long time, but when I did, the upside cards were suppose to mean the opposite. I don’t know why, that’s just how the books say it’s done…

  2. In my experience, it depends on the deck. Most decks come with a manual and the manual should indicate whether the position of the card matters. If the manual doesn’t make any mention of upside down cards then it shouldn’t matter. However, I myself don’t care for decks that consider the position of the cards. It always leaves me a bit confused. The manuals say that if the cards are in the negative (upside down) position then it just means that something is being blocked or will be blocked. So if I get a card in the negative position and the card description says that I need to work on something, then does that mean that in the negative position I don’t need to work on it? Or does it mean that I’m not working on it enough? I completely get how frustrating it can be. My cards, for example, have a crown painted on the backside so if I’m going by the manual rules then I find myself anticipating an upside down card because I can see from the position of the crown that it will turn upside down. So lately, I’ve been thinking about getting rid of that rule, despite my manual, and just making sure that God understands my intent. After all, they are my cards. They are familiar with me and I them, so praying before hand and making my “no upside down card rule” intent clear, then I shouldn’t have any problems. Perhaps this is something that you might consider for yourself– if that’s your preference.

  3. Reading an upside-down card is a very new technique. Traditionally, the card means what it means…and normally don’t even get flipped. The cards mean what they mean – others have put additional meanings to them when flipped over like that. Personally – I don’t use that method. The cards give very good readings without adding more to them.

  4. Hello
    If your new to Tarot, forget reversed, it will give you 156 cards to get to grips with!
    What you do is based on what you decide before you start to shuffle, first place chaos into the deck, so they will all be the right way.

  5. The way I do my readings is just normal…i don’t flip any cards at all. i usually check my Deck to make sure all cards are correctly aligned. When my reading begins it all depends on the God/dess you ask for guidance. Sometimes happens that cards turn the other way & some other times they are just straight but mostly they are placed in the right way. Hail lucifer!!


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