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Tarot or oracle readers what does this mean?

I got three cards pulled which were…truth,the hawk, fire fairy and I was wondering what hey meant and did it have anything to do with me asking when I would get my license?


  1. It would appear these oracle cards belong to the Wisdom of Avalon set.
    You will need to either refer to the booklet that came with these cards, or speak with someone that is familiar with these cards.
    I’ve been a Tarot reader for many years, and I’ve never seen these cards. Therefore, I cannot give you an answer as to their meaning. If these cards were drawn in the sequence you’ve given, the traditional relationship would be Truth appears in the position of past, Hawk appears in the position of present, and Fire Fairy appears in the position of future. Beyond that… clueless.

  2. It means that you are too confident and will likely fail until you research and try again.

  3. that’s going to be a hard question to answer. there are hundreds of different tarot decks, with differing and or varying meanings and interpretations. However I’ll give it a shot.
    In a three card reading each card corresponds to a time frame. Truth/past, the hawk/present, fire fairy/future. Truth in the past could mean an acceptance of responsibility for actions that may have kept you from obtaining your goal. Realizing the error of your ways led you to truth which when examined led you to do things different or make things right, making it easier to start back on the path of redemption and ultimately put you in a place to even be able to see your desire have potential.
    Hawk/ present.. the hawk is a predatory bird, wild untamed and free. Keen sharp vision, watchful…in the present channel the energy of the hawk that is most applicable to the goal, and even if once obtained, exercise caution discretion, be watchful and attentive. Ever heard of watching something or someone like a hawk ? focus with sharp vision and eyes that miss nothing.
    Fire fairy/future. This one interested me the most mainly because I’m wondering what kind of deck this is(i’m intrigued). Fire fairies are called salamanders, one of four elemental principles that exist in the astral, the others being undines/water, gnomes/earth, sylphs/air. They all have differing characteristics and behaviors. The nature of fire is unpredictable and difficult to control. It warms yet can burn. It creates and destroys. In this third card of your reading I feel you should treat the responsibility of your license with respect, as you would respect fire. If you were to exercise poor judgement, give in to the more intense and ultimately destructive behaviors that are symbolized by your fire fairy, the outcome could be very very bad for you. Not to sound like a dad or anything but this means, follow the laws of the road to the letter, exactly. Don’t speed. Don’t tailgate. DO NOT TEXT AND/OR TALK ON YOUR CELL PHONE lol..be responsible and respectful.
    Hope this helps


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