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Tarot : How to increase accuracy of readings?

Yeap. Cause mine are never accurate.


  1. You need to concentrate and meditate. The cards do not tell the future. They are tools designed to help you focus your own mind so you might get a glimpse of something that has not yet happened. Focus you mind is the key to any divination. Do everything possible to eliminate distractions. A place where there are no windows so the light does not change. A quiet place so you do not hear outside noises. Burn some incence so you are not bothered by odors that drift in. Make certain that all of your attention is focused on the question you are seeking an answer to.

  2. Drain your blood into a bowl, on 14-march 2008 midnight, gave your blood to the devil in the Tarot ….. and there u are ….invincible readings …..

  3. You have not said whether you are reading for yourself or someone else.
    When reading for yourself (not a always a good idea), the biggest hurdle is your own expectations.
    When reading for someone else the problem is not to project your own expectations and experiences into someone elses life.
    What is important is your impression of what each card means. Allowing your intuition to interpret the impressions you receive is what makes reading tarot cards so powerful. As you get into a reading, your intuition takes over and you find yourself ‘seeing’.
    If you are using the tarot deck to divine for yourself the impressions you receive are yours. If you are reading for someone else, the impressions you receive are not yours, you are simply the mouthpiece. Information and impressions you receive for some-one else are for them, so give them away and don’t own them.


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