Tarot cards: What Card do you find expresses jail time?

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Hello Tarot Readers:
I was wondering in your experience, what card implied jail time or what combination of cards imply this to you?
Blessed be.

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The one headed ‘At Her Majesty’s Pleasure’.

Amy Geddon

Stolen credit card.

Upasakha Jason

It’s not a single card. But if there were, I would suggest 8 of Swords. For major arcana, I would look to the Hanged Man reverse, or the Devil with Justice.


The Eight of Swords could be interpreted as such in the right layout…the swords sticking into the ground around the woman could be viewed as representing the bars of a prison.

Miss 6

I agree the 8 of Swords is an imprisonment of a sort, most likely a mental one. A combination of cards would be more likely to imply jail time. If 8 of Swords and judgment or justice R came up that could indicate prison.


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