The Tarot reveals the options open to the reader and helps you to take charge of your own future. This Video Guide to reading Tarot cards introduces the Tarot deck and explains how to understand the deck and how to use them to obtain guidance and insight. Also included are clear divinatory meanings for all 78 cards, simple ways of learning the meanings, a selection of useful spreads and how to obtain practical guidance. A final section demonstrates the variety of uses of Tarot in meditation, counselling, visualization, story-telling and card games.


  • Excellent basic tarot description, especially the first few minutes which describe the medium as a psychological tool along with symbolism and archetypal connections. Thanks!

  • It’s up to you, pretty much. People use all different kinds of spreads, and everyone has a different way of doing tarot card readings. I know my mother uses the Celtic Cross, but if you ask five other people what they use, you could get five different answers. Personal preference, whatever you’re comfortable using. 🙂

  • An excellent video, with an introduction to the origins of the tarot, with the focus upon archetypal origins symbolism, the collective unconscious, and Carl Jung. Informative and precise keywords for tarot card meanings too. Visit my channel for an extension of these methods, tarot tutorials, tarot readings, up and coming videos on white magic, and all things related, so you there.

  • The Bible was also written by flawed men, flawed even in their understanding of God and God’s will. The main reason why these men “inspired by God”, forbade sorcery, divination and mediumship is because people would be tempted to believe these instruments of the metaphysical, instead of so-called religious authorities. In the end, religious authorities were only ultimately interested in maintaining and extending their own power over illiterate peoples’ minds and lives.

  • It tells you the bible were wriiten by farmers,fisherman,and sheperds-others were prophets,judges,and kings-the Gospel writer Luke was a doctor-the bible is historically accurate including not only names but ancestory-in contrast to seclar historians who often do not mention the defeat of their people -moses did admit his faults.
    God fobade divinination etc-he wasnt illiterate:1 Samuel 5:19-21,Acts 16:16-18,1 Samuel 28:3-19,psamls 115:17,Acts 19:19..its very clear.

  • Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law- Aleister Crowley
    if your interested in this
    watch the video if not
    stop trying to coerce others into abiding bye what you believe is right or wrong,
    be careful of your thoughts for your thoughts become your actions
    be careful of your actions for your actions become your habits
    be careful of your habits for your habits become your character
    be careful of your character for your character becomes your destiny

  • Hey everyone! Check out my page! I talk about how I started reading Tarot! I’m just starting out on youtube so I appreciate the feedback! xx

  • o nundo n acaba esta em evoluçao a cabeça e como o sol e a lua sao campos magneticos porque o esprito e energia eu sei porque sou espirita cartomante pastor rakiano miguel arcanjo os 7 selos apocalipse sao os 7 chacras

  • Hey there, I enjoyed your video.
    do you know if it would be possible if I were to develop my own set of tarot cards? Would I need to adapt the system or create a new one? Is it even possible? Thank you very much.

  • if you’re interested in tarot, be even greater and learn about cartomancy. the true intuition divined by nothing but numbers suits and court cards.

  • if these tie in with universal meaning then how can an entire suit which is mean to correspond to some personality archetype be so bad and miserable compared to the rest.

  • if you can distinguish much about these cards from hearing those bland generic words then tell me how.

  • fallen angels=demons=aliens in ufos=ascended masters=ghosts=channeled entities=dead relatives during seances=spirit guides=pagan gods and goddesses=greys=automatic writing spirits=ouija board movers=meditation spirits=psychic’s source of info=astrologer’s helpers.
    tarot cards and crystal ball are tricks to fool the eye. in reality, demons show pictures to these mediums/seers/astrologers/psychics/etc.

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