Tarot Card interpretation – I asked "What is my Purpose in Life, and how will I fulfil it?" I got these cards-?

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Does anyone know what they mean, or how to interpret them…?
How to fulfil purpose
10 cups
Ace of cups
3 wands
King of Cups
If there is anyone who know how to interpret spreads and the cards meanings as a whole, i would be really grateful if you could message, many thx
Thanks for your ‘constructive’ advice so far…..!! have you anything else to do?

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My Evil Twin

Tarot cards are a fantasy designed to fool the foolish into believing they have some control over their destiny via a deck of mystical playing cards, which can be interpreted by a self-proclaimed “expert” … for a price.
There is no meaning, no interpretation. Write your own destiny via self-determination and the power of your own will.


you are the empress. your task is to give all your money to the emperor, which, coincidentally, is me.
here is my bank account number. 8675309
send it in.

Republackan [♥]

I work with playing cards..not tarot..but ill give u my iterpretation
Youre the empress..and once you meet your emperor everything will come together. The guy you are meant to be with is your opposite.
How to fulfill purpose
Be personable and happy with what you have and marriage will come. Stick to your guns…and dont be easily swayed. Be strong wise, and communicate


The major arcana (Emperess, Emperor, Chariot) are things beyond your control. Things you might influence but not necessarily command by your will. Bare that in mind.
Emperess represents a female force of considerable power or hierarchy. Maybe Mom, maybe boss, who knows. If it was a 3 card spread I would view it as your past. If it was more than three cards involved I would need to know the layout you were using and how they were laid.
The Emperor represents a male force of considerable power. Maybe Dad, or boss, or maybe even lover/spouse. in a three card spread, I would call that your present.
The Chariot represents moving forces, maybe war or conflict or strife. Or on the otherside it can represent moving change or uncertainness since the battle has not been fought yet and has no known outcome. This would be the future in the 3 card spread.
If I were to interpret it based on the information here, I say in your past there was a female entity of some sort who had or has power over you. You are currently in a struggle with a male entity of some sort who sways their power over you which will lead to to some sort of conflict that has no definitive result. It is a very boring answer to your question. You have a life like everyone else and your purpose in life is the same as everyone else’s, to ask questions and seek answers.
Your 2nd question can not be answered at this time without more information. Sorry. Four cards is not a typical spread and can have many different reasons for the layout.
Cups generally mean love or happiness….aka contentment.
Wands generally mean power, knowledge, rulership, growth/renewal.
check the tarot deck you have, they usually come with a booklet that gives basic information. If it’s not there then seek out ye’ ol’ Bookstore and find a book that spells it out for ya’ until you understand the tarot better for your own more personal readings.


Did any of these sets of cards have positions?
You can place your layouts in our forum for interpretation, link below.


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