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Tarot and Runes and the Celtic cross?

I know a little tarot and use a celtic cross spread (10 cards). Runes are also interesting and I wonder if I can set them up the same way with 10 runes. I have 24 runes and a blank.


  1. I am not an expert on Runes, but from what I have seen and read, the runes are mostly used in a question and answer format and you can choose either one or three runes to answer a question.
    First you ask the question and then decide how many runes you will use to receive your answer.
    I would check online also for further information.
    Best Wishes

  2. No, the runes have a totally different way of working, they get drawn individually (for small readings) or are tossed in a circle to be read as to where they fall in relation to each other and the circle edge, as well as how they angle and which are upside down. It’s a completely different reading system.
    You can find more online, but have to do some digging, the Runes info is fairly deep in the search fields.

  3. For what I know Runes were always use to trap evil and hold on to it… Now you have games where you use runes to ask questions of… Well it look like no one seem to have learned any lessons from the past… And now you have Rev. playing with runes it no wonder that there are so many false teachers out there…………..


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