Targeted Individuals, TIs?

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TIs claim that there are 1000s of people in the U.S. and around the world who are targeted by technology which monitors, tracks, and disrupts their daily lives 24/7, remotely. I have personally seen and heard both their physical evidence and their recorded evidence in support of their claims. Most people in the general public simply write these TIs off as nut cases. I don’t think that they are. I think there is something to what they say is occurring. Even if they are mentally unstable, don’t we as a society have some kind of moral obligation to seriously research this matter and find out “exactly” what is going on with all these folks. Very nearly all of them, world wide, suffer the same effects and symptoms. If its just mental illness and delusional, how can that be? Can the mental health community come up with some kind of case history that could support the mental illiness hypotheses. Are, is it just safer to simply ignore these people? Maybe there’s a cover-up after all.
Targeted Individuals, TIs, differ in many significant ways from people who are suffering true mental illness, yet the mential health community refuse to even consider, let alone investigate, these differences. TIs reach out to their government, both federal and local, only to be brushed aside as mentally unstable. Fact of the matter is that the government agenices know that the TI situation is real. My guess is that TIs are human experiments in progress which no authorities want to interfer with or get involved in. High-gain microphones and piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers have detected and recorded both projected sound and physical force, low frequency pulsed energy in 3D space, both completely external to the TI’s body. These things are relatively easy to detect and record. These effects are based upon new technology, new and advanced laws of quantum physics. It seems to me that all the TIs are asking is for someone to fairly evaluate the evidence.
Fighting back, tactfully, within the framework of the law is one approach. However, according to my investigation, TI’s claim that there is a pyramid to the order of their “handlers.” There are the lower level psyop/perps that are nothing more than you basis “thugs.” who knows enough to operate simpler forms of tracking/monitoring technology, and carry out basic personal harassment on the TI. There are middle range psyops and high-level psyops that are, for most part, unseen and untouchable. These are the people that “control” the really advanced systems and programs. It is these people that needs to be “isolated” and better “defined.” As for the more advanced technology: I have discovered that ultrasonic, piezoelectric, transducers can detect low frequency pulsed energy (intelligently orchestrated) which “appears” to defy the known laws of physics. This is not just random effects. The pulsed energy is multiple and complex. It does not naturally occur in nature, in my opinion.
For johny0802, cute.
If it wasn’t such a real and very tragic situation for so many innocent people around the world, your response would be funny.

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Lost in the hallway.

Holy Cow?


ok, I will spill it
I shopped there last month
I bought a Mr. Coffee maker and some shorts, spent $40 maybe

raymond w

targeted i dont think so , but there are many of us who know that something much bigger is afoot, i hum a song , then turn on a radio , and there it is. i have a concern and then the story of it appears on the news.i know im being watched because i am.i feel as if someone is always listening. but it dosent disrupt my life. i see those people driven mad by it screaming out to every car that goes by.and think will that be me, someday.


we gotta check with the cia/fbi/ dea/ bundeskriminalamt, mi5, special branch to see if this is true. they must hv done something to be targeted. anti govt elements? terrorists?
we’ll never know!
pitiful, tho’


1st i do believe something is going on
2nd i don’t believe they are targeted but can pick up on what ever this
3 rd in my life i have been a bad guy and a good guy when i was a bad guy in my younger days i was routinely followed by law enforcement watched my phone was bugged i was aware of this and used tactical response to flush them out if ti’s are being targeted then fight back if some one stands to close to you in the store call them on it if you suspect that someone has been in your house set up a hidden camera if some one starts a fight with you in public for no reason fight back don’t be passive this is the only thing to do use street theater against them when i noticed a cop following me around i would approach him and start a conservation ask how his family is etc… bait the aggressor out them turn it public catch them on tape . this is why i am not believing that they are targeted per say but are picking up some kind of energy that disrupts their daily lives
if some one is screwing with you fight fire with fire and i am a firm believer that the hidden camera can solve alot of the questions i have had a wireless one in my car for 2 years now
a hidden one in my house and a motion sensor phone that calls my cell and show me a picture of who or what i have caught the maintenance Man twice sneaking into my apt and called the cops on my aunt once when she broke in
my point is fight back use the same game against them use propaganda to flush them out


I warned you not to make this public. But, no, you had to spill everything we are doing. Now, you will have to return to the nursery and wait for Daddy to get home and spank your little behind. Next time I tell you to keep Daddy’s work secret, you will remember what a bad spanking you received little guy.


The illegal program of the CIA against thousands of individuals is real and an insult to democracy.
After I filed a lawsuit against the Dept.of Homeland Security challenging my inclusion in their secret list that include more than 1 million individuals,the attacks against me have intensified to include the elimination of my workers compensation and social security payments, and the placement of a machine that causes heavy vibration in my apartment.
Without doubt these CIA people are the most dangerous terrorists, and explains the world’s perception of the U.S. as
the Number 1 Terrorist Nation.
Regardless of this, We The People will always have the power.


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