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Taoism tattoos suggestions?!?

I want a tattoo on my right writst, with something that represents my Taoism beliefs. Please give me suggestions


  1. If you want something meaningful to yourself, you should probably learn enough to pick your own, or talk with a Taoist priest (or whatever they are called in English).
    If you just want something for other people to recognize, what the person above me suggested, the ying yang, is probably the only option that most western people will be able to recognize as Taoist

  2. im interested in Taoism too, this propably comes way too late but still i want to say few things here.
    1. Ying Yang is a clichè, but actually is the main symbol for Taoism, representing Taoist believes of the “middle way/path”. Taoist enlighted master (chinese -> english translation) is called “junzi”. junzi always chooses the most neutral/middle way in life, so everything is balanced.
    2. Richard B, doesnt propably know anything about Taoism, since he refers “Taoist priest”.
    Taoism is not a religion, it’s a philosophy. My lack of skill in english language keeps me from getting deeper into that.
    3. I have thinked the same question as you. Well main “words” or concepts in Taoism are: Ying Yang (balance), junzi (enlighted Taoist), Dao and it’s De (dao is kinda like a path? and de is kinda like force [from star wars, but still not even close]).
    Father of Taoism is Laozi.
    Taoism’s view of the structure of the universe?/reality/world: Half of ball (earth) on 5 (more or less) elephants on a seaturtle.
    4. I suggest you learn more about Taoism before you ink yourself.
    5. I have only read Introduction to Daoism, a while ago, in english (you propably noticed that it is not my mother tong), so I might be wrong about some of the things I wrote here.

  3. Though I don’t suggest getting anything unless its very significant too you, the yijing is particularly nice. I have several haxagrams running down my spine. One for each significant event or life altering statement in my lifetime, leading up to my inevitable death. It took me several years to decide which I was going to get engraved in my skin, but now I could not be happier with it. Ive studied Daoist philosophy and the other Eastern Philosophies since age 13. Take your time to choose. The longer you wait the happier you will be with your new art. My tattoo is my profile photo if you’d like to take a look.

  4. Please learn from people who know what they are talking about. A Yin Yang is a perfectly acceptable symbol to choose ( I have one myself).
    Personally, I’m a fan of quotes that are particularly meaningful to you. Perhaps a line from the Tao Te Ching that seems significant for your life right now.


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