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Taoism Religion and conflicts?

Has Taoism ever had conflicts like with other religions or other countries?


  1. taoism personally no(that i know of), but china has(can’t blame on taoism but just the country of the time, same as if the u.s. got in a fight, just because we’re mostly christians you can’t blame it on christianity).

  2. Daoism (or Taoism in the Wade-Giles system) hasn’t really had conflicts with anyone or anything. Daoism is a very peaceful religion.

  3. The Tao is always at ease.
    It overcomes without competing,
    answers without speaking a word,
    arrives without being summoned,
    accomplishes without a plan.
    Its net covers the whole universe.
    And though its meshes are wide,
    it doesn’t let a thing slip through.
    The very essence of the Tao is not to compete or have conflicts.


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