Sunday, September 26, 2021

taoism questions, please answer?

COuld you tell me about Taoism,
How is it pronounced?
What are their beliefs?
Can they still believe in God?


  1. Go check out wikipedia, where else better?
    What do you mean by believing in God? you mean the God’s will is everything, God rules all, don’t believe go to hell thing? Totally Not!

  2. Tao is commonly pronounced Dow, as in Dow-Jones.
    There is no hard-core rule book of beliefs, there is primarily the work of Lao-Tsu, who wrote down a lot of his observations and thoughts in a book called the Tao te Ching. If you want to know more about it, just read it, Jane English’s translation is good and easy to find. If you like that you can read the work of his disciple, Chuang-Tsu as well.

  3. When I checked into it, I noticed that it is very, very close to Christianity, only there is no deity…
    I think it’s pronounced/sounds like “dowism”
    It’s almost like they are totally neutral, although I don’t think I can explain what I mean by that…
    If you get into it, you may notice the parallels with Christianity/Jesus’ teachings…
    I found it very interesting, a lot of truth, but not the whole TRUTH.

  4. There are different sorts of Taoism (pronounced dowism). In the East it can involve lots of ritual, feng sui, magic and belief in a whole bunch of deities. In the West is is often practiced as a personal philosophy.
    The Taoism I practice is a philosophical approach to life. Taoists see an underlying order to the Universe. Possibly even a consciousness with direction and intent. Not that that’s a ‘god’ you understand. I’m an atheist.
    In Taoism discontent and difficulties arise when we act in opposition with the way the Universe intends us to. The solution is to start trusting our instinct and intuition. Because we are as much a part of the Universe as the plants around us. As the oceans, birds, stars or elephants. And just as birds know when to head North in Winter, we too have an inner compass.
    The aim of Taoism (in a nutshell!) is to attune ourselves with this ’inner nature’ and thereby, harmonise ourselves with the Universe itself. The result of being in harmony with the Universe (living to our hearts, as someone once said) is a happy life. A contentedness and acceptance of where we are and the wisdom only to act when actually necessary..
    Taoists (well, Western philosophical ones like me) aren’t big on rules or dogma. That would kinda go against the idea of finding your own nature after all! But I imagine all Taoists will hold what are known as the ’Three Treasures’ (compassion, simplicity and humility) pretty central to their practice.
    Beyond these the book the Tao Te Ching is probably most commonly held to be the most useful advice on what it means to be a Taoist. I like this modern translation (link below).
    This answer is way too long! But if you want more, message me.

  5. It is pronounced Dowism
    Their beliefs are based on harmony and accepting the flow of life.
    here is the Tao te Ching, it is the book of taoism it is only 81 pages.
    A good book for westerners to read on the subject of Taoism is “The tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff. in it it explains concepts of Taoism using Winnie the Pooh. So it is a fun easy to digest book.
    Can they still believe in God?
    Well do you think God is small enough to be contained in one scripture or do you accept God is bigger than all religions?


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