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Taoism? Please tell me more?

I am an atheist currently investigating taoism. So far i have really liked what i have read and find it to be a spiritually sound following. (and i get to still be an atheist). Are their any other Taoists out there? How has it changed your life.


  1. Like so many things, you can find weird stuff that gets called “Taoist” (like ancient Chinese alchemists drinking cinnabar and such in search of immortality), and of course very beautiful stuff, like the poetic writings of Lao Tsu and the teaching stories of Chuang Tsu.
    Through history, Taoism has had a strong influence on such things as the Zen school of Buddhism (for example, in its love of natural beauty), and the practice of T’ai Chi (a practical, artistic exercise to cultivate health, balance, and harmony).

  2. You want to know how much Tao there is?
    There’s more Tao than you’ll ever need.
    No matter how much you use,
    there’s more out there.
    You can’t see Tao, but it’s there.
    Damned if I know where it came from.
    It’s just always been around.
    – Dao de Jing, translated by Jesse Garon

  3. Taoism is a beautiful way of life. It takes nothing from other beliefs, but rather adds depth and meaning to everyday life in general. If you practice “The Way” you will find inner peace and calmness that will be with you in all things.


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