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taoism pantheistic?

would the taoism preached by lao tzu, chuang tzu, and lieh tzu be considered pantheistic?


  1. I dont know but I always thought it was just a philosophy of life and the way -process.
    I didnt get any or all gods – just the way

  2. One verse from TAO;-
    People seek love
    This is what makes us great
    People abide on the Earth
    Earth abide in the Heavens
    The Heavens abide in Love.
    Love abides in all
    This is what makes us one. Note; no pantheism

  3. The Tao is not really a god in the sense that any Western would recognize it; it’s more of a “living-in-accord-with-Nature.” This Tao would think of any notions of omnipresence or omnipotence as completely foreign.
    It would be more accurately described as atheistic.

  4. Taoism, in terms of the philosophy, only concerns itself with the way of life in harmony. It doesn’t concern itself with the origins of the cosmos, or whether or not there are gods; that stuff isn’t the point of Taoism.
    It also doesn’t outright deny it, either. In Taoism, all of that stuff is completely beside the point.

  5. Shamanistic belief system speak of spirits and gods, so it would be more accurate to call them polytheistic if one is being technical. I believe that everything that exists if of the Tao but not the Tao. I think the masters make that clear and it means the equivalent of “being made in god’s image doesn’t make me god.” My personal beliefs would not be consistent with pantheism although I have praised Spinoza and condemned Spinoza among others in various comments. If you take loose remark I made you could make a case that I am a pantheist, but if you listen carefully to what I am saying, I am not. Same for Lao Tzu, et al.


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