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Taoism convert?

I’m considering Taoism as a way of life, can any give me some guidance? Is this really a religion, or a philosophy like Buddhism? How can I get started?


  1. It’s more of a philosophical life view than a religion, although it does have its religious sects. Start be reading Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching.

  2. I always thought Taoism was a philosophy not a religion, I suppose that you could convert to a philosophy. Good luck, God bless.

  3. I am curious as to what- if anything- would steer a person to seek fulfilment from anything or anyone besides Jesus Christ.
    Jesus is singularly the most awesome historic religious figure- captivating all who study his teachings, claims, miracles, and resurrection.
    What would Taoism have to compare, is my question back to you, hoping that you won’t be offended by it.
    Ps. Larry Lombardi

  4. What a person say or even does is merely a reflection of the abundance within themselves–at the given moment. Why limit yourself, unless you are feeling the need of a limit. Look at everything, and simply BE. Take each moment as it comes and just be honest with yourself and the given moment.

  5. Taoism cannot be explained or defined. It just is. There are religious sects devoted to the philosophy of Taoism, just as there are with Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim or Judaism. The religion part comes into play as the organization or politics behind the fundamental philosophy. And that is an entirely different ball game. You can either identify more with one philosophy than another. I find, for myself, that the philosophy behind Tao to be more agreeable to me than any other. Having said that, I cannot call myself a Taoist. I just go with the flow, wait to see what it is I am meant to learn out of any given situation and go from there. I have found that any reading I have done (both light and heavy) from “The Tao of Pooh” to “The Tao of Physics” to the “Tao of Leadership” has brought many smiles of recognition and understanding into my life.
    One doesn’t necessarily convert to anything. One just lives what feels right for them. You’ll figure it out, I’m sure.

  6. Like Buddhism, Taoism can be both a philosophy and a religion. Religious Taoism often deals with magical charms and a plethora of folk traditions and superstitions that were combined with philosophical Taoism.
    Here is a good resource for Westerners who are interested in philosophical Taoism:
    I hope this is helpful for you!

  7. Taoism is a spiritual path. By western terms it’s both a religion and a philosophy, but in Taoist terms “religion” and “philosophy” are meaningless labels.
    Read the I-Ching, then wait. Do by not-doing. Start by not starting. Just be.


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