Sunday, September 26, 2021

Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism..?

Until recently, I was convinced that Taoism was simular to zen buddhism, excepting a person of worship. I was under the impression that the closest thing to worship, of any form, was to ‘the way.’ Recently my friend took a small religion class and she claims that taoism has a ‘buddha’ that is idolized/worshipped.
Can someone clarify for me?


  1. Zen derived from a blend of Buddhist and Taoist teachings, neither of which worships any person or thing. Your friend was misinformed.

  2. Hi Shaol,
    Buddhist do not worship/idolise the Buddha, we
    give thanks and gratitude for His teachings, His effort.
    For sharing His wisdom, and for showing us
    His compassion.
    Buddhists feel a deep love, an unattached love for
    this man who strove for so long and gave so much
    for the benefit of all mankind.
    To give a flower, or light a candle or a stick of
    incense is the least we could do.


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