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Taoism and knowledge: can you have both?

I am an ex-Christian who has studied many of the world’s belief systems to aid me in figuring out what I believe. Taoism really struck me. I think it’s beautiful if you read its utter simplicity as written by Lao Tsu.
I also love to learn. I am passionate about education, & love random facts. I’ve taken longer than necessary in college because I’ve adored being able to learn from so many people about so many things. I’ve been told that makes me someone who will never return to a childlike state. But with Taoism, there is a lack of labels, an acceptance of the vastness of what is beyond us, a balance between the male & female, fire & water, & a return to a natural state without the need to be molded into what other religions, governments, & societies have told us we should be & know. Instead we are the ‘uncarved block.’
How have or have not others resolved this conflict, or is it indeed a conflict for anyone else. Any of your thoughts & opinions would be appreciate
I should also add that I’m not rushing to add ‘one true religion’ to my life. I consider myself spiritual, not religous. However, that dones’t mean that I don’t wish to understand myself in regards to other religions and systems of faith


  1. I am glad to know someone on the other side of the world know so much about Taoism created by the ancient Chinese philosophers, mainly Laozi and Zhuangzi. However, funny enough, I don’t like Taoism. I think its main flaw is that it states Tao, (the Creator) has no “will”. Every other major concept is based on it. I somehow believe the Creator has “will”, intelligence, and supreme power. Taoism was pushed to the corner of the Chinese society by Confucianism as early as the Han Dynasty 1500 years ago. Taoism in China today still stays at the corner, so you can see its not a popular religion after all.

  2. I ain’t studied Taoism, but I’m an x-Christian too. I suggest you do not be to quick to embrace any 1 faith, and, instead, ask yourself why you need any established religious doctrine at all……………does that need just reflect an innate insecurity in you? You should have enough inner-strength to satisfy yourself, and not have to flail around for some man-made, bogus belief. I will pray to Allah to show you the way, and pity your wretched, wretched soul.
    Peace be w/ you…

  3. Yes, I have been in that position, and it is an undeniable bliss. Although I must say, that knowledge is the important part, Taoism is just a belief that gives you knowledge.

  4. Taoism does not prohibit you from gaining knowledge hence there is no conflict. It is not like some religion that prohibits you from asking questions and just blindly believe.
    Anyway, Tao is not the creator. There is no creator in Tao. Tao just means way. There is no will in way, the road you take, be it good or evil is in human’s way. In Tao, everything has two side, the good and the bad side. Good and Evil are balanced.

  5. All the dumbass answers in this thread notwithstanding…
    I have not read anything in Taoism that is against knowledge. Indeed, The Tao is about eventually finding ultimate enlightenment through education, observation, experience, and meditation…not staying ignorant.


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