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Tao Te Ching?

i read the book Tao Te Ching over and over again. the book is amazing i was wondering if there are any more books simular to it in the more philosphical genre of reading if anyone could turn me towards more books like it that be great thanks!
i agree with you don Tao Te Ching is truly poetic i was hoping somthing would match it but i guess that probably couldent happen but thanks for telling me some Taoism books i really liked the thought process on the whole thing on how the world balences itself.


  1. Possible The Analects (Confucius), or Mencius, both of which are Taoist. There are other books as well but that’s a good start. Nothing quite as poetic, though, as the Tao Te Ching.

  2. Have you read The Art of War? By Sun Tsu.
    Very old…like ancient old.
    I’ve heard that some Japanese big businesses will give it to the younger executives as required reading.
    It’s art, philosophical, scientific, it’s….unbelievable.
    Yes, it is the strategic instructions on how to engage in ancient warfare….but it is so much more.
    It’s the philosophical guide of behavior with opposing forces, whether two leaders, two businesses, two teams……just check it out.
    I think you might be amazed as I was.
    And as unbelievable as it may seem, it still holds true today.

  3. I agree the Tao Te Ching is a fabulous philosophical book. You might also try reading Chuang-Tzu (sometimes spelled Zhuang-Zi) who wrote a book by the same name. He’s also a Taoist. Sometimes an excerpt of it is sold separately, call Inner Chapters. While it’s not the same as the Tao Te Ching, its philosophy is similar, and it’s worth re-reading, just like the Tao Te Ching is. Good luck!


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