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tantra,sex,and intimacy oh my!?

Ok, I just got into a relationship with a guy I have known for years!…we have dated before but we decided to break it off untill he moved down here. This relationship just got serious, and I need a few tips! I have never had an orgasm with a guy, and i don’t want to let this guy down or make him feel bad. I have heard tantric sex is a miracle, but where can I find a free website or book titles that can help me with this? I’m also afraid he’ll get tired of me later on…any tips on keeping the spark alive?..Please help me!!


  1. There are literally millions of books on Tantra. Go to any book store. Walden’s, Books’a’million, Amazon.com, etc.
    But, you wanna know the truth? It’s probably not going to help.
    Every girl I’ve ever been with that couldn’t have an orgasm, it was mental. Most would get right to the point of orgasm, then they would change facial expressions and it would go away. They don’t let it out.

  2. just try to spice up y our sex life l ife by doing different things, different postions,doing it in different places….role playing….acting out his and your sexual fantasies

  3. don’t worry you’ll b just fine. u could fantasize about something that’ll really get the river flowing. no harm in that it’s natural. also bring some sex toys 2 the party. unless he’s tight u should both have a ball. a porn flick w/ur favorite fetish will work wonders also. the books r ok but experience is the only way 2 know what’ll get u 2 climax. talk dirty while having sex also. about nything even a fantasy of urs. don’t worry about him leaving. if he does he’s missing out on the new u n the next guy will reap all the benefits as well as ur self.


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