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tantra what does anyone know about. please don't tell me about exp-if work shops?


  1. It’s an Eastern practice that involves delaying the gratification of sexual orgasm in order to explore the experience of the state of arousal. Some say it’s very spiritual.

  2. tantra….found in Hinduism and Buddhism. Originated in Hinduism. Tantra is a practice for enlightenment and moksha in this lifetime. Moksha meaning liberation from samsara and union with the divine.
    Tantra should not be confused with neo-tantra, which is misnamed (the founder renamed it neotantra, but admitted to accidently naming it as tantra because he thought real tantra was not practiced anymore, but because the name stuck that after trying to change the name several times, the name became neotantra..but most teachers and practioners seem to refuse to use this official term).
    Tantra uses all four of the paths that are mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita (Bhaktiyoga, Karmayoga, Rajayoga, Jnanayoga) and also adheres to the Ten Commitments of Hinduism. It uses Yantras (geographical designs that represent consciousness) and Mantras (power words or phrases, sort of like prayers) within their teachings. There are three levels to tantra. The first is completely physical. It includes rituals, meditation, etc. The second is a combination of the physical with mental activities. The third is all mental.
    To give an example of a tantric practice: when combing your hair, imagine that you are combing the divine’s hair, when taking a bath, imagine that you are bathing the divine’s body, when eating food, imagine that you are feeding the divine. Eventually it comes down to doing puja (ritual worship) not with at the altar and with all the tools, but only mentally…and it becomes bathing, combing, so on to the divine in the mind but not physically doing it.
    I guess you could say that you would experience the divine in moksha, like Buddha did, and then would have to then only when you bring your awareness back to your body do you then experience this world again. One tantra guru wrote that “this world suddenly seems like a movie to you once you have reached moksha. Suddenly you realize the source of the light of the movie and you are drawn there, but at any moment you can bring your full awareness back to the movie and then re-enter the movie, thus feeling like you are a part of it.”


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