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Tantra teachers?

Has anyone used a tantra teacher in their marriage? My wife and I are always trying to learn new things and we thought it would be fun to bring in a tantra teacher to teach us some new things? Anyone had any experience with it? And what was it like?


  1. i dont know any person that has used one…….but i would sure love someone to teach me new moves
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  2. GO FOR IT !!!! I did not have private sessions but I experienced monthly group sessions for five years and it changed my outlook on life – along with my sex life.
    In Tantra you will learn breathing techniques that will enhance your awareness, therefore your orgasms will definitely change. It has to do with energy, you can even get climax without touching each other.
    What we experience in a group can be applied in intimacy.
    Some people like to have a private coach, but if you go for a group first you might have more than you’re asking for.
    My teacher’s web site: http://www.tantrabliss.com
    The perfect book for beginners is “Jewel In The Lotus”, by Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avinasha. You can find it at Amazon.com It has simple explanations and exercices, and beautiful drawings easy to understand.
    Congratulations for making a step forward in your spirituality


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