TANTRA SEX, do both partners need to learn the technique?, or just one who wants to benefit from tantra?

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i know nothing about tantra, was thinkin of learning it, but does my husband need to learn about it too?
or can i use it myself during sex?
do both need to do tantra to have tantric sex?

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Never heard of it but googled this..sound interesting…lol
Longer lasting sex? Priceless…lol

§abrina ♥♥

Both partners should learn if you want it to be pleasurable for both of you.
Have you tried sex in the shower?
It’s fantastic !!!


Here is what looked like a good link…and then there are links to related pages at the bottom… dayum I hope your husband appreciates your striving for a good sex drive….
love ya xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo


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