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Tantra? Other Good MMORPGs?

I’m going to try and play Tantra, which looks like a good online game. Can people tell me if it’s good or can you tell me some other good online games? I’ve played a few such as Runescape (junk), MapleStory (good but gets boring after a while), and Voyage Century (was good but now they made it so the new people get all high lvl stuff so I dont like it). Help me out please?


  1. try to play Darkeden the new joymax game it cool you got the lvl easy to lvl 70 then it start to be little slow iam already lvl 35 i just start yasterday it’s fine good

  2. Final Fantasy XI was fun to play but it has a hard learning curve. It is very difficult. If you thrive on challenging games then try it out.

  3. download Flyff, best WoW-like game, beats most, mMORPG’s
    a good class is >> (go Mia server, got a lvl 34+ assist there)
    a Battle Ringmaster (str adds 5 damage per point)
    aim for stats xxx Str, 30-40 sta (end), 61 dex, 15 int by lvl 60 odd, don’t use vagrant skills,
    go for xx str, 22 dex by lvl 10-15 (needs 5 Forforms for assist class) drops off small Mushpangs*
    don’t use combat skills, n leave these skills at min needed for next skill, Patience, Heal, Mental Sign,
    14-16 in Heap Up, n max Haste n Beef Up 1st,
    max stonehand last (stuns at 12% chance max)
    send a message via mail, to AntonsBRM if ye need/want a hand 😛


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