Tantra and Tantric practice in the middle east?

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Hi everyone,
I am so curious about this practice and I want to know if there is anyone in the Arabian Gulf area (like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain) who teaches, practices, or interested in Tantra here? Are there any schools for this here??
I only heard once or twice about unknown ladies coming to Dubai or Bahrain for few days who do Tantric massage who are asking for unreasonable amounts of money!! (like 1000 Euros for 2 hours … Nutts!!). This prevented me from trying and learning about this art … I did watch so many videos but I think it is time I get with someone who is actually close to me and can help. Please let me know if you do or you know someone.

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Fahad A T

Yes. There are good teachers in London. Best. Get recommendations from friends. I had a lot of people telling me to go to the English Tantra Therapist in Dubai a miss Mary Celia. She was great ! Very professional knowlegable and talented and really helped me. She didn’t offer any other service you know what I mean like the other dubious women ! Only Tantra and teaching. A star


THESE 2 WORDS , tantra and middle east, REFER TO 2 EXTREMES: evil & good, spirituality & prostitution


Don’t do it in Saudi Arabia. You’ll only invite trouble.


I would suggest asking about this in another forum. The odds of finding somebody here who is from that same area, AND knows who you might be able to see, AND is around to read this post, are pretty slim. You might want to try to find a mailing list or message board for Gulf-area people, centered on either sex and dating, or general new-age.


i have never heard of it before


it might be in hotels for spa and massage centre.
i don’t think there is private practice or courses in the middle east.
it is dangerous to practice it without proper knowledge.
the kundalini in the spinal cord has tremousdous amount of energy and can destroy anyone not well prepared to welcome it. but massage and other less important practice are not harmful.


Mary self promotion only
bad hurried

jonjon v2.0

Beware of any “religious” organization that wants your money – which, unfortunately, includes pretty much all of them.
But of course, you’re not actually talking about religious organizations here. The “unknown ladies” who do “Tantric massage” are prostitutes.
“Tantra” is a very general term that usually refers to the use of the sexual force to obtain “spiritual” results. Needless to say this is a fascinating subject for many people; and it’s also an obvious focus for swindlers. My best advice would be for you to go find some decent books on the subject – which is in itself quite a challenge – and ground yourself in its fundaments before you go looking for a teacher. You’ve got to have some means of judging whether you’re being sold a bill of goods.


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