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Tantra and karma…I'm reading Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (1975). He seems

to indicate that it is egoistic (according to Tantra) to assume responsibility (as in karma) for acts committed in ignorance, saying that the consequences of our actions would never end since we constantly create new karmic debts while absolving old debts. The acts (he claims) came out of our “drunk and blind ignorance,” or darkness. Tantra, he continues, says that all that is necessary is “awareness” (light) or awakening from our “coma.” Can anyone seriously enlighten me further regarding this approach? Is this true of Tantra? Thank you…
Guess I’m still new enough that I don’t entirely know what I’m doing on YA (how it works). In “modifying” my question I’ve somehow submitted it 3 times, so had 15 points deducted. Shot self in the foot…I’m more Coyote than CosmicCoyote it seems, though certainly less cosmic. Sorry about the same question appearing 3 times. I’ll catch on soon. Mea culpa…
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  1. awareness is the only thing which can dispell ignorance.
    this is an old take on an even older universal truth. keep reading. its good for you.

  2. When one awakens one is removed from the cycle of rebirth. In the unawakened state we are continually attaching self to ideas and acting in accordance with a false sense of reality because of our attachments which results in the building of karmic debt. Awakening is becoming aware of what is real and what is illusion thus disassociating self with attachments removes the need for the learning cycles of karma. Acting only in the awakened state of awareness means we are acting only on what is really here now, not imagined potential disasters, rewards nor vengeful desires to even the score. Thus karma is negated.

  3. Yes, it is good to be reading and inquiring, however it is perhaps better to ask ones self “what does my intuition tell me about this?” Your own inner voice will give you acknowledgment of what the correct teaching is for you to listen to. You will get your own answers. If it resonates with you as your truth then you’ll understand it. If not, then it is not part of your way. Whenever we read, our inner wisdom lets us know immediately if it is for us or not, because we inherently already know it on a higher level of awareness, and we say “yes, I do know this already deep inside”, so I would not give you advice on Rajneesh even though I know about his philosophy. You could get his Osho Zen Tarot deck….it has his way distilled beautifully and concisely in a modern format…might be better than wading through the old paradigm info of 1975. The new paradigm is starting to settle into place therefore old paradigm stuff on religion and philosophy is barely relevant any more. The shift out of those energies, that used to be, has made them almost obsolete. The best teacher you’ll ever have, is the one inside you…and not even me. Trust your intuition and listen, listen to its voice as the pure guide it is for you. That voice is our god connection within. Peace, friend.
    And a bit more…..what he means is that acts we’ve done unknowingly were done without conscious awareness, so they have not been cleared from your karma. So, those done in our drunken ignorance are not to be able to be taken responsible for because one was not in a state of aware consciousness at the time, so they add to your karma. Only acts performed in full light of consciousness will be cleared. Once we awaken from our coma of living in illusion (what is real and what is not….needs for me to explain more deeply), where we see what is truth and know all, the Oneness, then one lives in an awakened state and karmic debt has the opportunity to evaporate. Just a note, too, Sirius, one can live in an awakened state…and many do, because we came to assist others into their own light. The true Bodhisattva’s came when they could have stayed living only in the light, but we have returned one more time, to serve and call those near the light, onward….home. This is not necessarily found in books. Some of us speak from our own well of wisdom and knowing. I know, here, who speaks from theory and who speaks from soul experience. Peace, friend.


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