Does any one Know any thing about them and how to make protectoin amulets if no one minds


  1. There are several tailsmans and protection amulets for diferent things, if you need protection for a particular thing then it could be different. But you can email me and explain if you want more info.

  2. Because of your questions I am remedied of my own curiosity of these subjects… I wish I could tell you more but I probably know less then you…
    Blessed Be

  3. If you are looking for protection specifically, the talisman depends on your religious backgrounds. For a christian, the cross may be all the talisman you need.
    There are many forms of protective talismans. I am reminded here of the scene from Constantine, when Keanu is holding up a keychain full of gold talismans, and is flipping through them to see which one works against the demon. Or in The Mummy, when the bumbling benny goes through various religious talismans trying to ward off the mummy of imhotep.
    The point is, there are a lot of protective talismans, and without know which religious affiliation you have, I wouldn’t know what to suggest.
    There is a book titled “Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans: How To Use their Power for Attraction, Protection & Transformation” that may be of use. I haven’t read it myself, but I heard of it from a friend who said it was interesting.
    Good luck

  4. if im not wrong there is a simple way to make a withces’ luck charm…
    take a piece of a cabbage a leave it on a window still
    take your most lucky item(for me it is a toy angelling doll(ragnarok)) after the cabbage is dried up place some salt in the cabbage and place it in your palm.Wish for whatever you wish for. Then place the lucky item in the cabbage and wrap it with a string with your lucky/favorite color(mine is blue). there you have it.a lucky charm.(it may stink though, im not too sure if it works..i did not try it becoz i really love my anggeling toy)


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