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Talismans and Amulets?

I need the titles of some good books on making talismans and putting together Amulets. I’m also interested in any good site for this as well.


  1. There is a book in the bookstore in most areas and the Title is FIVE THOUSANDS SPELLS and its a giant book but it has all there is about talisman and amulets..

  2. Be aware that there is some confusion out there between what is a talisman, or what is an amulet….a Talisman is an object, usually a piece of jewelry, that marks an initiation or passing from one stage of life to another. For example, a class ring is a talisman, marking the initiation from student to adult, a wedding ring is a talisman marking the initiation from single life to that of a home and family.
    An amulet is an item that is thought to confer healing or protective powers to the person using it, a pentagram, or a crucifix, would be two examples of common amulets. If you don’t really know much about them, perhaps the Magical household, by Scott Cunningham, would give you an over view of some basic information about household wards and amulets. Also Wicca, a guide for the solitary practitioner, same author.


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