taken a Vipassana Meditation course before?

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My b/friend is at a 10 day course right now. tell me what are some of the teachings and changes you take home with you.

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Grandma Susie



Vipassana is the total awareness of this moment In/Out.
The awareness of the body and changes of the body (he’ll be watching his breath all week!),
The awareness of the mind and the changes of the mind. When one is aware of all these things he doesn’t miss anything, he is not attached to anything but he is aware of everything.
Well at least that’s the goal of it! 😉 Whether your boyfriend will come cloe to this or not is up to him!
For more info on Vipassana check this page http://www.dhamma.org/
I highly recommend Vipassana meditation for anyone interested on reaching a higher level of being at some point in their lives.
He should come back to you with heightened awareness and be quite sensitive to everything around him, that includes you! Enjoy! 🙂


I think the main thing you will be taking away with you is how to ‘live without TV and Music’.
– You will get used to a vegetarian diet.
– You will learn to have a strict schedule in your daily life.
– You will experience how nice and relaxing it is to be without the ‘constant mental chatter’.


Wow DonP, it sounds like you were not happy with your time spent there.
Was it really that simple?


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