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Tai Chi/QiGong: Take a class or can I learn by myself?

I am interested in learning Tai Chi or QiGong. Could I pick up a DVD/book or is a class necessary?


  1. I study martial arts and i know i coulod never learn enough from a video or book. I would suggest taking a class. videos and books could still be helpful but there is so much to learn that it would take millions of books and videos and alot of hard work to get any good.

  2. A class is absolutely necessary. At the most basic level you could cause injury to yourself through improper or uncorrected body posture. Secondly the full benefits of practicing will not be acheived without the proper guidance of an experienced instructor. Thirdly there are even more benefits from practicing in a group format – and besides it’s even more fun that way!
    However, please be sure to find an instructor with good experience and a verifyable lineage. There are five major styles in practice in the world today:
    1. Chen
    2. Yang
    3. Wu
    4. Wu (Hao)
    5. Sun
    The oldest of which is Chen and summarily has the largest curriculum. But style does not denote quality, just do your research as to what’s available in your area (also search http://www.youtube.com for video clips of each of the traditional styles). They each have their own characteristics, and slow isn’t the only way to practice. You’ll be amazed at the depth of the art. Good luck.


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