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Tai chi kick… how to get the leg kick straight and horizontal?

During a tai chi kick, how do I fully extend my leg straight, especially horizontally or above horizontal?
I find that hard to do, especially at a slow speed.
Any exercises to help practice for this?
My sifu said it’s cos my ‘jin’ translated as (ligaments or tendons) are not long enough.
Thanks for the answers and no bs pls.


  1. Ur legs are not supposed to be fully extended for the kick because u get more strength. If ur leg is fully extended the u will end up reaching and when u reach ur back wont be straight. Ask ur sifu to demonstrate and watch closely. I just went through the same thing. Good luck

  2. i am just going to add something to ctc’s answer because he is pretty much right but if you just align you will be able to keep balance when practicing slowly. something your master may be able to help you with is explaining how to keep you quas open (qua is the groove between your lower body and your legs) learning qua squats is a very basic but nessicary aspect for tai chi as resonation comes from everywhere including your lower body.

  3. It’s true that you’re not supposed to over-reach and lose your equilibrium and Zhong Ding. However, if I read your question correctly, then it seems to be a point of flexibility. Depending on the kick, you may need to stretch your hamstrings, groin, and lower back. When these areas are too tight your posture and form will suffer. If it is about maintaining the stance (holding your leg out and standing on one foot) then this requires more practice which will result in improvement of muscular strength. So improving flexibility, muscular strength, and coordination are necessary. However to bring your training to the next level you also need to learn how to relax while practicing your forms.
    Good luck.


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