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tai chi exercise where do i start?

i often heard comments about tai chi exercise and i want to try it.does anyone know the steps to perform tai chi exercise? thank you.


  1. Tai chi is one of the best exercise to all people.Experience the gentle flowing, movements of Tai Chi and treat your whole body to a gentle and relaxing workout.Just 15 minutes a day is your passport to better health, fitness, peace of mind and so much more, as your mind and body work in harmony for superb results.

  2. The best way to start is to look for a teacher. Be sure to look for a qualified instructor who has a legitimate and verifiable lineage from one of the five major family styles: Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu (Hao), and Sun. You do not want to learn from a video or a book, nor do you want to learn from someone who has. There are numerous details that cannot be absorbed from print or video by the new student. Without extensive experience in the art, you risk injuring yourself by doing so.
    Good luck.

  3. Tai Chi is actually a form of martial arts, so you will not only improve your flexibility and strength, you will also be learning a form of self defense.
    Of course you can look for a teacher, but you can also bone up on some of the basics–even before you go to a class.
    Since this is a low impact type of exercise, it is safe for anyone–young or old–to do. And you can get started on your own, with a video or good e-book.
    I don’t think you’ll find it to be difficult. However, like any martial arts, you will need discipline and commitment.


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