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How do chakras work?

How do you know when a chakra is cleansed and when it is blocked. When i feel emotionally hurt i noticed that the heart and...

Is Kahlil Gibran's work still protected by copyright laws in the US?

I'm thinking specifically of The Prophet, written in 1923 as far as I can tell.

Why do christians make Jesus do all the work?

First off let me say that I am a christian, but not evangelist. We can agree (if you're christian) that Jesus redeemed the collective when...

Where did Albert Einstein do most of his scientific work?

thanks yeah, i know in his brain. if you say that you are immature and not funny. this is for my younger brother! come on, guys!

does albert einstein mother work?

well i was working on a project about einstein so i just want to know!if theres any website about albert can you please tell...

how does the "third eye" work scientifically?

how can you feel objects which are close to that part of your forehead? did we really have a "third eye" before losing it...

Did Albert Einstein ever actually work for the government?

I need a source as well. I know he didnt work fort the government WHEN he made this theories, but my brother thinks that just...

What does a medium or psychic actually do? and How does it work? I need help, i think i need to talk to one?

I need to know how mediums and psychic's work. I need to talk to someone whom i can trust with the information i give,...