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How can I Levitate without using psychic powers!?!?!?!?

I've really been hoping for an extremely looong time to know how to levitate without using psychic powers or any cheap and stupid secret...

Is it possible to have a thought without emotion, philisophically speaking?

do all thoughts start with emotion, therefore without emotional intelligence there will be no critical intelligence if emotional intelligence or 'love intellect' comes first ...

Spiritual question: Without an ego identity what are you?

Awake Nobody Enlightened At one with Source All of the above Addressing both Try to relax and Sunman: It is my vision there is no such thing as...

Why Albert Einstein had said " Science without Religion is Lame and Religion without Science is Blind ?

please explain me it in most simple manner why albert einstein said this,what he means to say

Can a person live without Pituitary Gland?

A few years ago a Brian scan and was told they could not fine my Pituitary Gland.

Is there alternatives to treating asthma without having to use an inhaler?

My son is currently on Albuterol and Qvar. We also own a nebulizer machine for emergencies. I am just looking for other alternatives (herbal...