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What's the best way to go about achieving spiritual evolution?

I'm interested in evolving spiritually; cleansing my self of emotional, psychological, and spiritual toxins, connecting with the God-source, and achieving higher levels of consciousness....

What's the difference between Hindu meditation and Buddhist meditation?

Besides the fact that hindus are looking to re-attach themselves with Brahma and Buddhist are looking for nirvana what are the differences?

What's up with women trying to be energy vampires(intuitively steal energy)?

I'm begining to notice that women who look physically appealing to most men...I guess when they since a certain type of guy they will...

Whats the difference between psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists?

Which is the best mental health doctor to speak to. I know psychiatrists perscribe medication and the other two do not. A freind of...

What's your opinion on psychic abilities?

Do you believe it or not? Why or why not? Is your opinion based on a specific religious belief? Have you ever experienced it first hand/do you...

whats the difference between a succubus and an incubus?

are they the same thing? which one is male and which one is female then?

What's the point of having a third eye if you don't use it?

Seriously, people. Think for yourselves. A book can only tell you what is printed. Form your own ideas, and your own...