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Is Vipassana a vegetarian tradition, and also which branch of Buddhism is it?

I thought it was Theravada but then someone told me it was vegetarian. And I always thought the Theravada teachers are usually defending...

taken a Vipassana Meditation course before?

My b/friend is at a 10 day course right now. tell me what are some of the teachings and changes you take home with...

Is Vipassana meditation safe?

I'm interested in doing a 10-day vipassana course at a retreat (ones run by S.N. Goenka) in the near future. I've researched for months...

Does Vipassana heal the physical body?

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Has anyone ever done a Vipassana Meditation Course before for 10 days?

I am doing one and I want to know what to expect (Powered by Yahoo Answers)