have you ever met people with extra sensory perception?

i am being serious here, so please dont make things up...i have really met people who can fortell the future, i dont mean the...

This name for my baby girl. What do you think?

So I posted a question about a month ago asking about names. I was about 7 1/2 months and we still hadn't got a...

Aura reading question.

How do you read your own aura?

Only seeing blue and yellow auras sometimes?

when I'm looking at people around my classroom the either have a blue or yellow outlines, when I try to look at them I...

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Raise your Vibration with Vipassana

Everything in the Universe is vibrating. This is no theory, it is a fact. The entire Universe is nothing but vibrations. The good vibrations make us happy, the unwholesome vibrations cause misery. Vipassana will help you come out of effect of bad vibrations- the vibrations caused by a mind full of craving and aversion. When the mind is perfectly balanced, the vibrations become good. And these good or bad vibrations you generate start influencing the atmosphere all around you.