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What's your thoughts of this quote by Lao Tzu?

"The bright path seems dim, the forward path seems backwards"

How should I interpret the following saying from the Lao Tzu? ?

"The best (man) is like water. Water is good; it benfits all things and does not compete ith them. It dwells in (lowly) places...

What are the 3 teachings of Lao Tzu?

I've come across these: Tao, Wu, Wu-Wei and Fu. I'm not sure if any of these are correct. Hope you can help! Thanks.

How should i dress up as Lao Tzu?

we have a meeting of the minds project for class, and i have to be Lao Tzu, an ancient chinese philosopher who wrote the...

Can anyone answer this question on Lao Tzu?

i have notes i guess i just need the question simplified or something to start me on a roll - thanks in advance. "Therefore, when...