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When is the right time for someone to begin Buddhist meditation and prostrations?

I'm learning about Buddhism and I was wondering when is a good time for me to begin prostrations and meditation? also, what is the significance...

How is justice revent in our time in which Socrates talked abou in the republic?

How is the question about the advantages of justice now answered?

psychic why do i feel so depress and heatbroken every time someone said the guy that i like is not into me?

i feel like i'm about to die or have a heart attack, it hurt alot, i never felt this way before, i usually force...

On which level do you spend most of your time? What are you doing to shift to the next level of being?

Below are 7 levels of consciousness that clearly outline a path for our evolving consciousness: - tribal and mass consciousness - one obeys the group...

Why do the religions, philosophies and sects of this time hold people back from the truth of cosmic union?

I know that people have talked about revolutions and higher consciousness and union of these people. Is this something to look at as...

Can you be at the same time a clairaudio and a clairvoyant?

if you need any additional details im here to tell you any info you want. Thanks for your answers

Can someone recommend the best way to self-publish as a first time author?

I am writing several different things; one is a self-help book on smoking cessation (I quit 6 months ago), and another is on spirituality...

Any tips on first time astral projection?

Its my first time, and I really would like to do it right.