what are the best yoga moves to help side by side with karate to increase flexibility?

I am still having a difficult time with my back stance still, are there great yoga moves that can help with this stance. I...

When you become extremely "self-aware" and clarity is rampant. Is this my "final frontier?"

There is a spiritual shift happening on our earth and many others feel this. This feeling I have had when I became "spiritually...

What is an aura? Is it good if its strong?

Someone told me I have a strong aura. I really don't know what it is & what it means. She also told me good...

Going beyond fears & following the Guidance to live life purpose – Lynda Mangoro, UK

Lynda is an author, artist and mentor whose guiding intention through everything she creates is to inspire others to connect to their authentic selves and awaken to their true nature, so they too live deeply enriched, fulfilled and purposeful lives. Lynda's creative gifts were evident from her early childhood, when even her teachers paid testament to her outstanding skills in both art and writing.

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