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Why do psychiatrists love it so much when they see depressed people?

I've always noticed psychiatrists smiling when they see depressed people. Why is this?

How do you explain a clairvoyant seeing dead people they never heard of or ever met?

They come up with their names, know what they look like, and meantion very personal information only their friends and family would know. There...

Do the Japanese see my questions. I feel like they may be the only people that understand. Roboto?

I think the Japanese and I have evolved to a state of consciousness higher than the rest of the world. I loved the first Karate...

What words do they use for the "third eye" in various Indian languages?

If you could kindly state which language it's being translated to it would be extra appreciated.

has anyone here ever felt they are clairvoyant or an indigo?

I have always felt different from others odd in many ways. i cant seem to pinpoint why i am. i dont even have any...