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If the definition of the 'Buddha' is the 'Awakened One' then what are we awakened to?

Please no circular logic such as "We are awakened to the inner state of Buddhahood" or "We are awakened to the fact that we...

If God is on a higher level of consciousness then wouldn't that mean it views the world in a way we can't?

If this is true why do people think this God would give us laws? We wouldn't give laws to microbes and expect them to follow...

Who was the atheist that had a near death experience, then converted to Christianity?

He talked about how he was dead and on his way down a corridor and the demons taunted him. Somebody posted a link to...

If aura can heal, then can it cause pain too?

to me and other people/animals? i'm just wondering srry 4 so many aura questions