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What do the Christians think about the Thelema texts?

Thelema was before Crowley, Crowley just stole the law.

Where to learn more about Thelema?

I have a feeling there are a couple (if not more?) Thelemites reading questions here, and I am looking for recommendations of good resources...

Has anyone here practiced Thelema?

If so, could you tell us about it?

Does anyone believe in Thelema?

I am not trying to incite any anger. I am just wondering and I want to learn more about it.

thelema and the order of the golden dawn? im confused with the connection…?

ok,from what i know of thelema i got the idea it has very little to do with the order of the golden dawn but...

what is the religion known as Thelema about?

are there any practitioners of it here that can explain to me what it is about? also, is it compatible with christianity?