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Can someone tell me about the occult and paranormal?

Or recommend me some books about it? I heard that things are kind of shaky in the Astral world; Is this true? Another thing,I believe...

Why does no one ever tell you that schizophrenia is just your third eye opening?

it took me 9 damned months for me to figure that out. and now i cannot even relax because i am now constantly thinking...

Could someone tell me somemore about astral projection and all that stuff?

Could you give me a link and tell me what religion(s) it's in? Is it in christianity? Just some general info about it would...

could someone tell me whether i can learn to be clairvoyant or clairaudient if i am already clairsentient?

i am clairsentient and sometimes i struggle with not having clearer signs, i think i'd be a bit scred if i saw anything, but...

can somebody tell me a name of any movie that talks about astral projection ?

im looking for any movie that mainly talks about astral projection or even have astral projections in it

how can one tell a fraud medium or psychic?

Why do ghost hunters use the same jargon,and why are hauntings and seances always at night,and the theme tune always is hard cash?

Can anyone tell me how to use psychic powers?

Telekinesis,Telepathy,Remote viewing,Meditation,ect.

How can you tell if someone is at a high spiritual consciousness level?

Not religious. We can all say that we love Jesus. I mean soul growth.