Is there any type of astrology that deals with the influence the waxing and waning moon phase?

has on a person when they are born? For example: I was born one day before the January full moon (a.k.a. Wolf...

What color variations does citrine have?

I purchased a citrine pendulum on line. I was expecting a stone somewhere between clear/light yellow, to lagger beer. what I got is purple....

Is it wrong for me to believe there is a heaven if I am a of a Shaman type religion?

( : I love this heaven stuff, must be because of how its used in Media, etc. As in Heaven ain't hard 2 find... etc...

Witches & Wiccans: Right or wrong to accept payment?

I've read in Alexandrian Book of Shadows that it is wrong to accept payment for magic. Right? Wrong? Help!

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