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How do I stop falling asleep during meditation?

I have been trying meditation a couple of times, but I keep falling asleep, what is the best way to prevent this?

Heroes – Episode "Parasites" – How did Sylar stop the IV?

I'm a bit confused as to how Sylar managed to stop the IV that Mohinder had set up to stop/prevent Sylar from using his...

i want to know how can i stop negative clairvoyance on me?

flng trble by the fact that people come to know everything about me by dreams!!? i prayedto god '' in ko dikhao me kya hoon.;'read...

I can't stop touching my neck…?

I have this weird thing that i think may be a phobia. I cant stop touching a certain part of my neck. It used...

Does a kundalini awakening ever stop?

I accidentally activated my kundalini through yoga and breath retention. I had no idea what to expect, and now I just want it...